Monday, April 16, 2012

Glasses anyone?

I wear eyeglasses. Not contacts, glasses. I can't wear contacts for some reason and never really have been able to. Sigh.

.  It used to be glasses were incredibly expensive and it was a treat to get a new pair every two years or so but with the increasing popularity of online shopping anyone can have a gorgeous pair-or five!- of glasses that are affordable AND trendy:)

I was recently given the opportunity to review some everyday glasses from  and they are so nice.  The are a rectangle frame which is what looks best on me, a half rim frame which is always in style and the "arms" of the frame are really colourful and funky; best of all the prescription is correct, the frames are sturdy and shipping was quick!

Firmoo offers a large selection of frames and prescription over-sized glasses for a fraction of the cost of your local eye doctor's office.  The glasses I chose for this review were only $41!  The shipping was fast as well, 3 weeks. These are made in China and so are shipped right from the factory. If you ordered at your eye doctor's office not only would these glasses cost around $400 (I have a similar pair from my eye doctor, and silly me that is what I paid :(  ) they would also take 10 days to 2 weeks to be ready for pickup. Considering most offices make them "in house" that is ridiculous.

I am very pleased with both the selection of frames and the speed of delivery from Firmoo and would order from them again.

Thanks, Firmoo for helping keep eye health affordable!

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