Saturday, December 08, 2012

so many changes

Seems I am always saying "wow, it's been so long since the last post!" but truly, life is so busy that time just gets away from me.

Nana lost her battle with the small cell lung cancer on October 14, 2012. She fought longer than any of us had hoped possible and even got in one last family vacation with her 3 girls, 2 son in laws and her husband, my papa, of 58 years. She is greatly missed. Love you Nana!

Winston is doing pretty good in school. He has a weird affliction for making random noises that disrupts the whole class but otherwise is improving as he should. His math skills are strong as are his people skills; he is everyone's friend in class and is always there to help out. His reading has improved drastically over the last month and loves to read at home now.

Illyanna is doing well in preschool. Her favorite activity at school is lunch haha!

Felix is starting his potty training. He gets the whole peeing in the potty but not pooping. Poop is harder to clean up darn it! LOL.

Kelly is home during the week with us and away every weekend with the army, it is really nice to have him around 5 days a week. Honest!  The kids love it too :)

I did it. I lost the weight. Last year I started my journey to loose the weight I had put on over the last 10 years (especially after babies, )I was 202 pounds!  By end of  January of this year I had lost 17 pounds. While that is almost 2 dress sizes I was very discouraged as the weight loss came to a stand still. I may not have been gaining any extra but I had stopped loosing.  I started loosing a bit more and by May had lost another 10 or so.  I was 182 pounds and a size 14/16 and really unhappy.  So, in June I started Isagenix.  I lost 15 pounds my very first month and over 30 inches, YAY!  I wasn't quite where I wanted to be but I was making some headway. August/September/early October I followed the program as well as I could but was in Courtenay helping look after Nana. I fluctuated very little and was pleased with my progress.
I am THRILLED to report that as of this morning, I only have 3 pounds to go to my goal weight of 135 pounds! I am wearing a size 6/8 and feel amazing. I have energy and confidence again.  A weight loss of 70, yes SEVENTY pounds this year.  Incredible!

We got new neighbours this past spring and they are great! The parents are about mine and kelly's age and the kids are all the same ages as mine! They all get along great and it's nice to have neighbours that are at the exact same stage we are :)

Well, I may have more energy these days but I still must get some sleep. So, as I always seem to say, hopefully the next check in won't take so long!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Glasses anyone?

I wear eyeglasses. Not contacts, glasses. I can't wear contacts for some reason and never really have been able to. Sigh.

.  It used to be glasses were incredibly expensive and it was a treat to get a new pair every two years or so but with the increasing popularity of online shopping anyone can have a gorgeous pair-or five!- of glasses that are affordable AND trendy:)

I was recently given the opportunity to review some everyday glasses from  and they are so nice.  The are a rectangle frame which is what looks best on me, a half rim frame which is always in style and the "arms" of the frame are really colourful and funky; best of all the prescription is correct, the frames are sturdy and shipping was quick!

Firmoo offers a large selection of frames and prescription over-sized glasses for a fraction of the cost of your local eye doctor's office.  The glasses I chose for this review were only $41!  The shipping was fast as well, 3 weeks. These are made in China and so are shipped right from the factory. If you ordered at your eye doctor's office not only would these glasses cost around $400 (I have a similar pair from my eye doctor, and silly me that is what I paid :(  ) they would also take 10 days to 2 weeks to be ready for pickup. Considering most offices make them "in house" that is ridiculous.

I am very pleased with both the selection of frames and the speed of delivery from Firmoo and would order from them again.

Thanks, Firmoo for helping keep eye health affordable!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A new year

Well, let's see if we can start the new year off with more blogging. *fingers crossed*

Winston has been in full day kindergarten since September he is absolutely thriving! We still have battles, of course, as he is only 5 years old but since school started he is a different kid. More helpful, less whiny and can hold an actual conversation for more than 5 minutes! He is funny, charismatic, sensitive, helpful, loving, entertaining and so smart.

Illyanna has been increasing her vocabulary and can hold a short conversation now as well. When she and Winston start talking it is quite entertaining. She is stubborn, loving, adorable, meticulous, cuddly, funny, smart and also entertaining on a daily basis. She is looking forward to preschool in the fall. Already ?!?

Felix will turn 2 at the end of the month and is already on the road to potty training! He is also entering the terrible twos and can throw a temper tantrum with the best of them. He is determined, hilarious, demanding, cuddly, loving, so so smart and a daredevil. He is pretty sure he can keep up with his two older siblings and tries to at every turn. His speech is getting better and better everyday and will be the one that can hold a conversation at the earliest age I bet.

Kelly is taking the semester off school. He is doing very well in his classes but between work, army, school and family he was getting burned out. So, with the semester off he can concentrate on family, work and army. Notice the order change? LOL. He is torn about it; but I think it is a great decision.

I am still working on my weight loss goals and have lost close to 17 pounds so far. Not quite as much as I had been hoping for by this time, but nothing to sneeze at either; it is a full dress size! I am super busy these days with two still at home and one at school. Almost more to do now, now that I have to factor in pick ups and drop off and still get my chores and errands done too. My book club took December off and are starting up again this month. I am very much looking forward to getting going again. I love reading and the group of ladies I meet with every month are fabulous and interesting!

Nana is fighting the lung cancer like a champ and is looking absolutely beautiful. She has finished her 4th round of chemo and now waiting on an MRI but things are looking hopeful. :)

We got a new car. Brand new. A 2012 new. The Dodge Journey and I LOVE it! It seats this family of 5 very comfortably, is great on gas, has low payments and doesn't require thousands of dollars to keep in running order lol. The van was on it's last legs and required a lot of work to make it road safe again. We weighed the options of buying a good second hand car vs a brand new car and for the same price we like the warranty we get with a new car. So, there we go. A new car.

We are also doing extensive yard renovations. We cut down all the trees on the side of the house and put in a retaining wall. Just have to finish filling, put up a fence and grate the front and back yards so we can reseed. Oh, and rebuild the deck. LOL. It had to be replaced anyway but it got knocked off it's supports when we were putting in the retaining wall blocks so down it came.

So, we are busy busy busy these days and loving it. Life is very good.

Friday, June 17, 2011

new blog

check out my new blog at :

it is my journey of weightloss....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am a coffee addict. I love coffee. Regular coffee, flavoured coffee, speciality coffee, iced coffee--you get the idea.

So, for my birthday this year my super awesome, wonderful husband and kids got me a Keurig machine; it also included the reusable k-cup and 90 pre-filled k-cups. I LOVE IT! The fresh cup of coffee every cup is awesome. The boxes of K-cups are a bit pricey, but the reusable K-cup helps off set that (or just throwing in a regular tea bag). I also found the K-cups at Walmart today. I picked up some of the Hot Cocoa for my super awesome, wonderful husband and kids. They don't like coffee (well, actually, the kids do but they shouldn't drink it, lol).

So, while this post is just my excitement over my new "toy" (I am not receiving anything from Keurig) I do really recommend this product!